Rockford Fosgate Car Stereo

Rockford Fosgate has become one of the quintessential names in car audio. Rockford Fosgate is a brand that is more likely to provide the options you need to push the performance of your car stereo system to its limits, and provide serious volume without sacrificing quality.

Rockford Fosgate Car Stereo, Mesa AZ

Rockford Fosgate focuses more on the aspects of speaker quality and amplifier performance rather than manufacturing receivers. In fact, Rockford Fosgate products often range up to full enclosures to provide audio quality that is generally experienced in home theater systems.

Enclosures – This is the kind of audio system most people dream of. Enclosed subwoofers allow you to take the next step and put a 12 or 15 inch subwoofer in your trunk and experience the full ecstasy of high performance audio in your vehicle

Amplifiers – Rockford Fosgate Amplifiers are famous for pumping out the power necessary for huge sound while retaining a small package. Rockford Fosgate understands the specific tradeoffs involved with amplifiers better than most and let you know at which frequencies extra noise appears. The higher end options are specifically designed to pump up the volume while keeping the strain on your battery to a minimum.

Speakers – Car Audio is about generating the absolute best sound out of the smallest, most efficient package possible. Rockford Fosgate understands this and provides speaker options designed to deliver the broadest spectrum of sound in amazingly compact sizes. Rockford Fosgate speakers are legendary when it comes to range, and bring your car audio system to near perfection.

Subwoofers – More often than not, Subwoofers represent the crowning glory in a car audio system. The ability to drive deep bass in any car audio system is impressive to say the least, and Rockford Fosgate never disappoints. Rockford Fosgate allows you performance levels without limits with their high quality subwoofers, and surprising levels of punch even on a budget.

The real trick to creating the perfect car audio system has more to do with balancing power, range and volume in perfect accordance. Rockford Fosgate products are designed to be extremely flexible in all these areas while still remaining affordable to the diehard audiophile.
When it comes to custom installs, we will often suggest Rockford Fosgate products to ensure that the money you spend generates the sound you are looking for. The high quality of Rockford Fosgate means that your investment will be returned to you with years of excellent sound in your vehicle.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about what we can do for your car stereo. The most important thing in car audio is the experience of the music, and our staff members are sonic geniuses that want you to feel the rhythm wherever you go.