Kenwood Car Stereo

Kenwood car audio is often thought of as an excellent middle of the road option for car audio. The fact is that Kenwood is just as capable of bringing the high quality sound you would expect from other industry leaders. Kenwood car audio systems are broadly considered an excellent first step into the world of performance audio, and are quite popular for anyone who needs a little something extra in the listening experience.

Kenwood offers all the features you would expect from a next level car audio system, and even a few that might surprise you. Listed below are just a few of the options available to you through Kenwood’s line of quality car audio.

Kenwood Car Stereo, Mesa AZ

Receiver – in addition to the CD receivers, you can also upgrade to play DVD’s and advanced smart phone connectivity. This allows not only a vast range of music sources, but can also turn your vehicle into a legitimate entertainment center.

Video Screens – an in dash video screen can provide access to both entertainment and navigation options for your vehicle. For those with a more extensive budget, video screens can be placed in the back seat so that your passengers can be fully entertained while you reach your destination.

Subwoofers – Without bass to bring the full spectrum of musical expression, it is very easy for the whole system to fall flat. Kenwood brings a wide range of products that are available both to individuals with budget restrictions and for those who refuse to accept less than perfection.

Enclosures – if you want to get the deepest bass possible, installing a subwoofer enclosure is an absolute must. Though subwoofer enclosures take up a little extra space in the trunk, the tradeoff for unbelievable bass is a purchase many people embrace wholeheartedly.

Amplifiers – Powering a set of high quality speakers takes a little extra power from an amplifier. Understanding the power requirements of the speakers in your vehicle is the first step in choosing the amplifier that is right for you. Especially if you have subwoofers, it is necessary to make sure that you have enough juice to get the sound you want.

Kenwood products are well suited for an excellent balance of visual appeal, flexibility and quality sound. Building up a package of the right components is a process that deserves a little extra thought. Our staff will be glad to help you navigate through the extensive options available to you from the Kenwood line of products.