Alpine Car Stereo

Alpine Car Stereo systems are one of the most popular brands nationwide. For earth shaking bass and crystal clear sound, Alpine is a brand of choice for many audio enthusiasts. Alpine offers all of the essential system components as well as a wide selection of accessories to round out the look and feel of your car stereo system.

Alpine Car Stereo, Mesa AZ

In order to get the best sound possible out of your car stereo systems, there are several things which must work together and be well balanced for the best sonic experience possible.

Speakers – Choosing speakers for the car is about more than how they sound on their own. The speakers represent only the upper half of the audio output. Choosing speakers that sound good to you, carry good range and fit your budget is what will help you make the best choice.

Subwoofers – Subwoofers are responsible for carrying the lower half of the audio output. The thing to remember about bass is that bass requires power. If you intend on purchasing a subwoofer, make sure to note the power requirements of the subwoofer as well as its abilities to produce quality sound. An enclosure can help any subwoofer perform better, but it still needs a significant level of power to make the air pulse.

Amplifiers – the Amplifier in the system is what provides the speakers and subwoofer the power it needs to give you crisp, clear full spectrum sound. Earth shaking bass simply is not possible without a respectable amplifier in the system to power the subwoofer. Measuring the power requirements of the speakers you selected will dictate the amount of power necessary for the system to perform.

Balancing a car stereo system for optimum performance and exceptional sound quality is a process that can require a little thought. Helping you understand the process is a part of what we do at Car Stereo City. Especially for quality products like Alpine car stereo speakers, keeping the power requirements of the individual speakers and subwoofers in mind before choosing an amplifier can help you keep the budget down while experiencing high quality sound.

We invite you to speak to our staff if you have any questions. We want our customers to experience the best sound they can get on the budget that they choose. Incredible sound is a luxury that not everyone gets to experience, lets make sure that your car stereo system is both exceptional, and affordable.